EasyBuild website design and setup

$325 $195

Complete website design and setup. You choose the template and we will create the website with all your information.

Simple and easy to use with everything you need.

A Great looking website with all your business services and information.

Comes with one year of free hosting

( Note – Normal monthly hosting costs are Basic: $10, Premium: $20, Ultimate Business with eCommerce: $30 )
No fuss, simple website to update and maintain with drag and drop controls. Perfect for people who don’t have the time to learn a website technology, but still want to maintain and control their own website.

We create a website design to suit your business and your budget. With a hundreds of great templates to choose from we can build a complete website for your business with a minimal investment. This is an opportunity to put your business on the internet and control your online business with simple drag and drop editing tools.

Upgrade to eCommerce at anytime

Creative designer at her workplace on laptop computer.
Web development team collaboration.